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Galick Process and Packaging Solutions







Tamper evident applicators are just as the name suggests, they apply tamper evident seals in the form of shrink bands, sleeves or labels and seals that have to be broken in order to open. This “brake” in the packaging is clearly visible and shows consumers if a package has been previously opened or tampered with.








A Neck Bander cuts film from a rollstock at the user preset length and automatically applies it overtop of a containers neck and cap. The container then travels through a shrink tunnel that uses heat to shrink the neck band onto the container and cap making it difficult to remove without braking the neck band seal.










An Induction Sealer involves an induction current being applied to a metal liner in a plastic cap. The bottle is first filled, then the cap is applied. The cap already has the liner inside. The liner contains the sealing material adhered to a foil layer. The induction sealer then uses induction current to heat the foil liner, melting the sealant.