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Galick Process and Packaging Solutions carries a wide range of liquid filling equipment. With over 30 years experience in this industry, we consider ourselves filling experts. The 3 main Filling styles that we commonly supply are Pressure Overflow Fillers, Gravity Overflow Fillers and Piston Fillers. With that said, we also offer a variety of other Fillers including Time Gravity Fillers, Gear Pump Fillers, Vacuum Fillers, etc. Majority of the Fillers we carry are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions as well as In-Line and Rotary.


Galick Process and Packaging Solutions wants to ensure our customers are getting the right Filler for their needs, so we take the necessary time to sit down with you to understand your application, the fundementals of your product, and your required output levels before recommending our solution.


Primary suppliers include, but are not limited to: Galick Packaging, Unifiller, Aesus, Filler Specialties and Acasi.







A Pressure Overflow Filler is a precise piece of equipment that fills every container to the same level, regardless of the interior volume of the individual containers. Rather than filling by weight or volume, an Overflow Filler uses a nozzle that, once liquid reaches a certain level in the container, it overflows the product back into a holding tank for recirculation.


A Pressure Overflow Filler is a versatile piece of equipment that can handle a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes and is easily adjustable in height and nozzle width. They are best suited to handle thin to medium viscosity products.


Available as Gravity Overflow as well.





             Available as: Semi Auto or Automatic






A Piston Filler works by drawing product from the hopper back into the cylinder until it's full. The rotary valve then changes position which allows the piston to push the product through the cylinder and nozzle and into a container. 


Piston Fillers can handle a wide range of products and are best suited for viscous applications such as smooth or chunky fillings, sauces, lotion, pastes, etc. However they are capable of running thin products as well.  GPPS carries both semi-automatic table top and fully automatic Piston Fillers.


Available as Inline or Rotary.



Available as: Semi Auto or Automatic







Gear Pump Fillers are typically used for thick or viscous products. They are designed to move product through the teeth of the gear pump and into the container. They are considered a positive displacement pump filler. As the gears turn, product fills the empty void between the teeth, it then gets pushed out as the teeth separate on the outlet side of the pump and fill the container.  




Available as: Semi Auto or Automatic





Galick Packaging offers an in-line low cost solution to filling carbonated products. Typically this application is done on counter pressure rotary systems due to the fragile nature of the product, when maintaining consistency is of the upmost importance. Pre-evac and counter pressure is a must when filling carbonated products.


Available as Inline or Rotary.



We Also Offer The Following Types of Fillers...





A Time Gravity Filler uses a volumetric time based fillling system. Each pneumatic valve is independently programmed by the filler's PLC so that a precise amount of product is gravity filled into the container for a specific amount of time. This type of Filler is best suited for thin/low viscosity products.



Pump Fillers are generally used for filling thick, high viscosity products, but in reality, they can be used in both low and high viscosity applications, depending on the pump you choose to use on the filler. Each filling nozzle on a pump filler will have its own designated pump and fills product based on volume or time/pulse (number of gear rotations for example). It is critical to choose the correct pump for the application.



A Vacuum Filler draws vacuum pressure from the product supply tank when the filling valve seals onto the neck of the container. It then fills until the liquid reaches the vacuum port on the filling valve, at which time any excess product is returned to a secondary product tank. Vacuum Fillers are best suited for filling liquids with low to medium viscosity. These fillers are most ideal for filling foamy and caustic products such as Alcohol, Chemicals, Nail Polish, Dish Soap, etc. Vacuum fillers are commonly used when filling glass containers. 





Peristaltic Pump Fillers are best suited for small volumes of high value, low viscosity products that require high accuracy fills. They are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The rollers or shoes in a peristaltic pump compress the tube as they rotate, creating a vacuum which draws fluid through the tube and into the container. Peristaltic Pump Fillers are ideal for applications that need a sanitary fill as the product never comes in contact with anything other than the pump tube, eliminating the risk of the pump contaminating the product.




Rotary Lobe Pump Fillers work similarily to Gear Pump Fillers in the sense that they are positive displacement pumps, however Rotary Lobe Pump Fillers only use two or three lobes in a rotary action to move product through the pump (versus the many teeth a gear pump has). Rotary Lobe Pump Fillers are a good choice for liquids with a high viscosity that may or may not have particulates.